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Provided you can withstand yet more news of a TV comedy being placed under new management without running, shrieking into the woods to become a cave-dwelling hermit, Deadline reports that NBC's The Office has drafted executive producers Dan Sterling and Brent Forrester to oversee the show's overhaul, which is still happening. Sterling and Forrester were picked by Greg Daniels himself, who worked with both of them on King Of The Hill, and it's said that they will help to fill the void left behind by Paul Lieberstein—though neither they nor anyone else has so far been named as The Office's new official showrunner. But while they won't get the prestige that goes with that title, they will get to be a big part of the group that's blamed when the show's effort to reboot things by dropping regular characters, making big changes to those left behind, and then introducing new staffers that never quite catch on the way their predecessors did doesn't yield the dividends the network hopes it will, just like taking over a real office.


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