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Here are the first three minutes of the Joss Whedon-scripted In Your Eyes

Those awaiting Avengers: Age Of Ultron have another Joss Whedon project to tide them over—one that recalls that movie’s story of the bond forged between those with supernatural gifts, minus all the stuff about using those gifts to fight giant, evil robots. Instead, the Whedon-scripted In Your Eyes is more about using them to make a metaphysical romantic connection, as two very disparate people—Rebecca, a “soft-spoken doctor’s wife” played by Ruby Sparks’ Zoe Kazan; and Dylan, “an ex-con struggling to make a fresh start” played by Cloverfield’s Michael Stahl-David—find themselves inextricably linked, in the light the heat, they are complete, in yoooour eyes, I SEE THE DOORWAY TO A THOUSAND CHURCHES, IN YOOOOOUR EYES, etc.

Anyway, ahead of its Tribeca premiere this weekend, Entertainment Weekly brings you the first three minutes of the movie directed by Won’t Back Down’s Brin Hill and produced by Whedon’s Bellwether before even Much Ado About Nothing, because Joss Whedon keeps busy. It’s on a noticeably smaller scale akin to Whedon’s TV work (though it actually feels more like the cold open to an X-Files or Fringe episode). But it certainly looks like it would appeal to fans of Whedon’s past supernatural romances, especially if it turns out he killed those kids before the movie even begins.


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