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Here are the first photos of Cassidy & Arseface on set of AMC’s Preacher

Things seem to have finally come together for AMC’s Preacher adaptation—most of the cast has been assembled, with Agent Carter’s Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga (Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.) set to play Jesse Custer and Tulip O’Hare, respectively. Joseph Gilgun (Misfits) is on board as Irish vampire Cassidy, and Rake’s Ian Colletti will slap on some prosthetics to play Arseface. True Blood’s Lucy Griffiths—who was scrapped from NBC’s Constantine after starring in the awkward pilot—will also appear as Jesse’s friend Emily Woodrow, a single mother with a thing for the preacher.

But because TV projects have a way of falling apart, we weren’t truly confident about the show making it to (digital) air until we saw the first set photo shared by Preacher producer and writer Seth Rogen. Rogen somewhat satisfied our curiosity and stoked our interest in the show when he shared a picture filled with silhouettes on a dim set—which, let’s face it, might be the best lighting for Arseface.


And now, via UPROXX, we’ve found an entire Facebook page dedicated to the filming location in New Mexico. The Old Lamy Mission Movie Set page is full of Preacher-related images—although it incorrectly describes the project as a movie and not a series, but that could just be to throw fans off their scent. And so, thanks to social media, we can share the first photo of Arseface (Colletti):


We can probably guess what you’re thinking—“that’s not quite arsey enough”—but this could be a shot of Colletti after only an hour in the make-arse chair, or maybe the special effects people had just gone to lunch. Anyway, there’s also this picture of Gilgun as Cassidy, who’s not blond (for now):


If you head to the page yourself, you’ll also see plenty of pictures of the mission that will presumably serve as Jesse’s church for the pilot. Rogen was also photographed on the set, in mid-Seth Rogen laugh.

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