While we've seen plenty of crewmembers departing the Flying Dutchman that is The Office now, so far we've heard very little about one of the main reasons for that mass exodus, the Dwight Schrute-centered spinoff The Farm. Some of that is because we were holding out hope that NBC would realize the folly of centering a series around a character whose eccentricities work as part of an ensemble because of the very specific contrast they provide, perhaps by rewatching episodes of Joey or The Michael Richards Show. But also it's because they've only just now revealed some of the details over at TV Line, who brings us the first casting report for the people who will attempt to help Dwight run his family bed and breakfast and any lingering viewer affection for him into the ground.

These include: Dwight's previously never-before-glimpsed-nor-mentioned brother Jeb and sister Fannie, the former an affable layabout who hunts Bigfoot and grows pot, and the latter a "pseudo-intellectual lefty” urbanite; Fannie's son Cameron, the precocious 9-year-old who takes to Dwight as a father figure and no doubt provides much of the show's heart, as that is what kids on sitcoms are for; and Dwight's German great uncle Heinrich Mannheim, who appears to be a former Nazi—but the fun, wacky kind, as this show could use a little weirdness. As expected, Parks And Recreation's Michael Schur will likely not be around to reprise his role as Mose, and yes, they're doing this anyway.