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Here are the 15 films in the running for Best Documentary Feature (with apologies to Joan Rivers)

The Academy has released its list of this year’s candidates for Best Documentary Feature, comprising the 15 non-fiction films that will eventually be culled into a leaner list of official nominees. Somewhat surprisingly, the much-lauded Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work did not make the cut—and not that surprisingly, the Academy chose to sidestep the whole “what is and isn’t real” debate about Catfish by also leaving it off the list. (And of course, Casey Affleck screwed I’m Still Here… well, from Day One.) Anyway, if you’ve been even casually paying attention to the documentary slate this year, you can probably predict at least a few of these, such as Waiting For ‘Superman’ and The Tillman Story. And if not, here are those and the rest of the films you might consider catching up on before next February:

Client 9: The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer
Enemies Of The People
Exit Through The Gift Shop
Genius Within: The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould
Inside Job
The Lottery
Precious Life
Quest For Honor
This Way Of Life
The Tillman Story
Waiting for ‘Superman’
Waste Land
William Kunstler: Disturbing The Universe


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