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Here are some tiny Episode VIII breadcrumbs to feed your bottomless hunger

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Look at you, so starved for information about Star Wars that you’re willing to read an article that specifically teases nothing but “breadcrumbs.” What would your friends and loved ones say? It’s not like this is the place where you’re going to find out who the Knights Of Ren are, or who Rey’s parents are, or whether or not Poe and Finn are going to fall in love (just kidding, they totally will). On the other hand, even the littlest Star Wars tidbit has the potential to shake the universe, much like how the humble midi-chlorian can bend and shape the Force to its will. The only way to determine just how important these breadcrumbs in particular will be, then, is to read them and patiently wait until the movie comes out in 11 months.

This comes from USA Today, which wisely included Star Wars: Episode VIII on its rundown of 2017’s “must-see films,” and threw in some minor plot details straight from director Rian Johnson as well. Apparently, Episode VIII won’t jump ahead like most Star Wars sequels do, with Johnson choosing to pick right up after the end of The Force Awakens instead. He says the “key relationship” in the film is the one between Rey and Luke, and “a large part” of the film will revolve around why Luke is on this remote planet and what he’s going to do now that he has someone new to teach.


Meanwhile, Rey will be dealing with the fact that her newly awakened Force powers have thrust into a larger world that she never even knew existed, as well as the realization that her parents are Jar Jar Binks and popular Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic assassin droid HK-47. (Actually, we made up that last bit, but you never know.)

Star Wars: Episode VIII will be in theaters on December 15.

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