The Ghostbusters taught us all so much: Who to call, how to deploy snack cakes as metaphorical devices, how to employ the double negative in defiance of the fear of ghosts. Last weekend, artists gave tribute to Drs. Spengler, Venkmann, and Stantz (and, of course, Mr. Zeddemore) at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles with the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show.

The art on display covers a wide variety of mediums, from screen-printing to plastic working to cross-stitch. There are a bunch of pictures from the show on the gallery’s Tumblr (along with even more shots of the travelling art show’s debut last month in New York), but below are a couple stand-outs. Especially of note: the gorgeous painting by artist Scott C. depicting tiny versions of scenes from throughout the movie. There’s even a tiny Ray Parker Jr., happily smiling (presumably because there’s no sign of a tiny Huey Lewis coming to slap him with a lawsuit).