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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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God knows what goes on in the heads of the marketing wizards responsible for naming our automobiles. Impreza? Cruze? Elantra? But where others see gibberish words and vague allusions, art director Jimm Lasser and photographer Ray Gordon saw a situation ripe for parody! Their Tumblr project, Namesake Motors, produces photos in which the team matches up more decipherable car names with the figures that inspired them. There's Abraham Lincoln posing awkwardly adjacent to his Lincoln and Homer looking as mighty as Zeus with his Honda minivan. Heck, there's even Adam Carolla being a flippant asshole in front of a dilapidated Toyota Corolla. Lasser and Gordon uploaded their first batch on Oct. 28, but here's to hoping their gravely important mission continues until they capture Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley and a Continental GT— or at least Mr. T flexing on top of an antique Ford. [via Fast Company]


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