Last night was the second annual [REDACTED] comedy show, brought to the world by your friends at The A.V. Club along with Constellation and Just For Laughs. Once again, the comedians were kept secret until they walked on stage, and once again it was a lot of fun—and raised a bunch of money for 826 Chicago. And now we must thank everyone who donated their time, in order of appearance: Brian Babylon, Cameron Esposito, Kyle Kinane, Brian Posehn, David Cross, Todd Barry, Mac McCaughan, Jason Narducy, Jon Glaser (sort of), Todd Glass, Doug Benson, and John Hodgman. Highlights were plentiful, including a one-time-only supergroup featuring McCaughan, Narducy, and Barry, who covered songs by Verboten, The Undertones, Superchunk, and The Misfits. Oh, and John Hodgman channeled the ghost of Ayn Rand and it was insane. Everybody was great, the audience was great (Barry joked that it was the easiest room ever), great great great. We have a set of photos up on Facebook; go on and check 'em out.