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Here are some of the Comic-Con comic books picked to become movies and TV shows so far

Though more or less marginalized by Psych panels and news of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? remakes, Comic-Con has also yielded several announcements dealing with comical books and graphical novels, which are the things that eventually become the TV shows and movies worthy of being recognized at Comic-Con. Among those silly little drawings what have words in them that have been revealed to be in line for adaptation so far, in these initial hours of the convention, are a four-part anthology film based on the 1960s horror comic Creepy, to be produced with bloodcurdling workmanlike effort by Chris Columbus; a take on the graphic novel Rust from Attack The Block's Joe Cornish, who will have slightly more likable kids to work with in the tale of a jetpack-wearing boy who crash lands on a small family farm; and a big-screen version of the graphic novel Joe Golem And The Drowning City from Hellboy's Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, which tells the story of a ragtag supernatural team struggling through a submerged Manhattan and (unlike Paradise Lost) hopefully won't be sunk by its own costly ambition under director Alex Proyas.

Also in the works: a film based on the autobiographical comic My Friend Dahmer, a story of the serial killer's formative years its producers describe as "Welcome To The Dollhouse meets Dazed And Confused by way of Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer," even though nothing could ever possibly live up to that; and a Lionsgate-backed TV series adaptation of Zenescope's Alice In Wonderland graphic novels that will be executive produced by Smallville's Brian Robbins, to go with other fairy-tale TV shows like Once Upon A Time, Grimm, and Beauty And The Beast. So far no one has expressed interest in adapting the below doodle I just created, but give it time. Give it time.


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