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Here are some great Game Of Thrones deleted scenes you should probably see

(Screenshot: YouTube, HBO)

HBO’s Game Of Thrones only has two seasons to go, which means we’re rapidly approaching a day in which there is simply no more Game Of Thrones to be had. Luckily, there are currently six DVD box sets of the series you can buy, each of which has a plethora of deleted scenes that will briefly extend your Game Of Thrones viewing experience, and YouTube channel WhatCulture is here to let you know which of those scenes are the most worthy of your time.

Most of the clips aren’t Earth-shattering, but they all provide some interesting color or reflect something from the original books that the show is based on. There’s one that shows Loras reflecting on the death of Renly, another that shows Tormund chomping down on a hunk of a chicken in a nod to his first appearance in George R.R. Martin’s books, and some extra scheming and manipulating from dearly departed asshole Tywin Lannister. Who knows, HBO might someday get desperate enough for money that it will edit these clips back into the show and create a significantly longer “special edition” version of Game Of Thrones, but this YouTube highlight reel will have to do for now.


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