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Here are some beautiful, dark, twisted Kanye West Valentines

As the post-Grammys dust continues to settle, the world may never agree about whether Kanye West made a valid and necessary artistic statement with his Beck-baiting shenanigans at the televised ceremony or simply proved himself (yet again) to be a rude, spoiled child in the body of a 37-year-old man. One truth, however, remains eternal and unchanging: West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian is a love story for the ages, a romance to which all others will forever be compared. (Tristan and Isolde, Kanye will kindly let you finish. He is happy for you.) In this spirit, Complex has cooked up a whole mess of Kanye-and-to-a-lesser-extent-Kim-themed Valentine’s Day cards, replete with references to West’s lyrics, career, and album artwork. The beautifully-rendered cards, designed by artist Oli Holmes, are available in full-sized, printable versions, so visitors to the site can (presumably) deploy them in their own, real-life relationships. Typical of the tender sentiments expressed here: “One good girl is worth 1000 bitches.” Other topics addressed in the Valentine’s Day cards include Kanye’s alleged egocentrism:


West’s sensitivity does not go ignored either:

And, of course, those who simply wish to bask in the incandescence of the supreme couple of the still-young millennium are invited to do so:


[via Complex]

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