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Here are six leaked script pages that will spoil the Lost finale for you

There’s been no shortage of “leaked” material surrounding Lost over the years—most of it easily, verifiably fake—but the recent discovery of six script pages from the finale uploaded at Italian blog Macchianera has even the normally cautious spoiler site Dark UFO backing them as "100 percent accurate and real." (Making an unexpected but strangely compelling argument: The script is loaded with unspoken F-bombs—which, as an io9 commenter points out, is actually standard practice for Lost writers, at least according to this “Exodus” script up for auction over at eBay.) If they are real, they provide an intriguing—and yes, spoiling, though not enough to totally ruin things—glimpse into what happens between now and the episode’s first act, and you clicked here knowing full well that's exactly what you would get. As always, we have to remain skeptical about “leaks” this close to the finale date, but it’s certainly not unheard of; if they are real, they represent a pretty major breach of Lost security, right in the final hours.

UPDATE: After much consideration, and in deference to our very vocal commenter community in the Lost recaps, I've taken down the few plot points that were enumerated in the pages. You can still click through to read them, but as always, please don't share any of the details or speculate on them in the episode reviews themselves. (Not that there's much to talk about, anyway.)


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