Over on Reddit, there’s a thread where users remove one letter from the titles of famous movies and describe the plots of the newly created, fake films. This game is pretty diverting all by itself, and has produced hypothetical movies like Moral Kombat, about a martial arts tournament where everyone fights fair, and Full Meta Jacket, a film about a film about an overcoat. Reddit user and artist Austin Light has taken things one step further and produced lovely illustrations depicting what these imagined movies might look like. In doing so, he has enriched the Internet, and indeed the world, by letting it dream of a day when Obocop, the story of a police officer who adjusts to his new robotic implants with the help of his music, could become a reality. Sample a few of the illustrations below, and head here for the complete set.


Finding Emo.

Raining Day.


Star Wars: A New Hoe.

[via io9]