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Whatever happened to the days of subtly corrupting the budding youth with the occasional tongue-in-cheek, adult-friendly joke carefully couched in whimsy? While we try to figure that out, watch this clip of Paul Rudd and James Corden unconsciously mimicking hand jobs to kiddie songs as the thrice failed Naptime Boyz.

“The Untold Story Of The Naptime Boyz”chronicles the shortcomings of James and Paul, who set out to be the biggest phenomenons in children’s music. Instead, their inability to avoid a reckless level of innuendo kept them from success. How could parents not appreciate “The Silly Seesaw,” the upbeat tune about a seesaw designed to rock back and forth instead of up and down? As long as they don’t attempt to imitate the mechanism...oh no.


It’s a shame that the Naptime Boyz never got to achieve their Abbey Road moment (or their Spice World, if James had his way), but their instance of clarity at the end of the Late Late Show With James Corden clip could pave their way to a second chance. Next time, they’ll be intentionally (and far more covertly, hopefully) unprofessional like the bulk of the children’s programming many grew up with. The only aspect more hilarious than the idea of Mr. Roger’s threatening to “personally kick [their] asses” for their cluelessness is Rudd’s hippy ponytail phase.

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