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The new single from Limp Bizkit, as one might expect from a 42-year-old man, finds Fred “Freddy D.” Durst in a wistful, reflective mood. “They say that rock shit doesn’t rock anymore,” Durst laments on “Ready To Go,” acknowledging the inevitable aging of the venerable rock ’n’ roll genre he definitely represents, before reviving it with his eternally youthful promises to drink gin and pass out on the floor. But not before picking up “your bitch,” whose readiness to go somewhere with Fred Durst gives the song its title.


Still, at the same time he's looking backward on the sorry state of rock music and how Fred Durst has sold 40 million records (Draw your own conclusions!), and dropping nostalgic references to that time Britney Spears supposedly gave him a blowjob, Durst also offers a metaphorical “finger-fuck the sky,” pointing to music’s future with an obligatorily lazy Lil Wayne cameo that confirms Limp Bizkit is on Cash Money now and also that it's 2013.

This goes on for six minutes.

Six full minutes.

There's even a "coda."

Six minutes.

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