Screenshot: Vox

If you need something to distract yourself from the constant chatter about the future of Donald Trump’s America, why not contemplate all of the ways you could die on a trip to Mars instead? Vox has even done the heavy lifting for you, with a seven-minute video breaking down all the things that can go wrong on such a journey. With help from senior NASA scientist Chris McKay, Vox science reporter Brian Resnick applies some doom-and-gloom realism to the optimistic dream of space travel.

First up, there are pretty obvious concerns like your rocket blowing up before leaving Earth or crashing when you try to land on Mars. But there are also more hidden issues as well, like radiation exposure or the unknown long-term effects of Mars’ low gravity on your bones and muscles. The video does offer some more optimistic possibilities, like the idea of terraforming Mars to make it more habitable, but it makes sure to emphasize that’s a pretty farfetched idea. All of which means that Leonardo DiCaprio should definitely do some research before he finalizes his Mars vacation plans.