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Here are Conan, “Weird Al,” and Jon Lovitz performing at The Simpsons’ live show

This weekend, a long-running Fox cartoon called The Simpsons took over L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl in a celebration of the show’s apparent immortality. Hosted by The Smurfs’ Hank Azaria, the orchestra-backed production featured appearances from “Weird Al,” Jon Lovitz, creator Matt Groening, former writer Conan O’Brien, and voice actors Yeardley Smith and Nancy Cartwright—who play Lisa and Bart, respectively. The Hollywood Reporter wrote up some of the show’s highlights, and it sounds like most of said highlights were—unsurprisingly—based on some of The Simpsons’ best musical moments.

Conan sang “The Monorail Song” he wrote for “Marge vs. the Monorail,” Smith and Cartwright sang the Mary Poppins parody song “Minimum Wage Nanny,” and Lovitz performed an homage to the late Phil Hartman by singing part of his Planet Of The Apes musical. All in all, it sounds like an amazing show that they’ll never put on again, not in a million years, so anyone who missed out—or will miss out on the final show tonight—is out of luck. Thankfully, though, a YouTube user named Witherwings7 (which might not be their real name) managed to grab some videos of the show, giving us all a chance to pretend we were there with all of the real Simpsons fans.


Here’s Conan singing “The Monorail Song”:

Here’s “Weird Al” goofing around, apparently just before breaking into his “Jack And Diane” parody, “Homer And Marge” (which is not part of this video):

Here are two of the Simpson kids singing about the perfect nanny:

And here’s Jon Lovitz starring as the human in “Stop The Planet Of The Apes, I Want To Get Off”:

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