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Here are all of Chance The Rapper’s delightful, joyous nonsense sounds

Photo: David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

Here is an unexpected firehose of pure unguarded joy: a supercut of Chance The Rapper making total nonsense sounds. Across the span of the mixtapes 10 Day, Acid Rap, and Coloring Book, Chance has etched out a position as one of rap’s most formidable vocalists—not just for the gliding worldly joy of his verses but also for his willingness to combine that with singing and, well, a whole lot of other sounds, as collected here. His elastic vocal performance is capable of spoken-word prayers and double-time hot-shit bars as well as croons, keens, giggles, asides, and, of course, his signature “AH!” Check them all out below.

The video’s producer, Zach Ace, doesn’t go chronologically, so tracks from this year’s excellent Coloring Book slot alongside those from earlier in Chance’s career. With each new nonsense sound, Ace attempts to spell out Chance’s onomatopoeias: “Ack,” “Ich,” “Wigh,” “Yuah,” “UUUUUUU,” “Na na na na,” and so on. It’s a valiant effort, but Chance might be working outside traditional phonetics at this point.


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