Somehow finding a way to make the combination of Alison Brie, Jennifer Lawrence, Jon Benjamin, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer unwatchable, here’s a clip from Not Another High School Show—a pilot that Comedy Central commissioned from Not Another Teen Movie’s Mike Bender in 2007, presumably to fill the off hours when it wasn’t running that film that year. (After all, it could only program Saving Silverman so many times in a day.) Fortunately, the spoof never made it beyond the pilot stage, freeing all involved to go on to careers where they would forever be safe from this secret shame. At least until someone put it up on YouTube.

In this clip, Brie plays “Muffy The Vampire Slayer,” and yes, there are still more vagina jokes to follow. Lawrence plays a random teenager whom Benjamin calls “Sweet Tits.” A couple of random guys walk through the halls in what appears to be a parody of Ryan and Seth from The O.C.—a series that, like Buffy, had already ended by the time Not Another High School Show would have aired. There is also a gag about Teen Wolf. In summation, everything about this will test the very limits of your desire to see Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence in a video together. Good luck.

[via Uproxx]