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Here are a bunch of possible titles for the Batman Vs. Superman movie, which probably won't be called that

Illustration for article titled Here are a bunch of possible titles for the emBatman Vs. Superman/em movie, which probably wont be called that

For months now we’ve been unsure of what to call Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, other than late for the dinner where we discuss being faithful to what happens in comic books. Batman Vs. Superman? Superman Takes Batmanhattan? The Batman-Superman Grimace Time Variety Hour? Though each of these would be perfectly valid for a film moviegoers could purchase tickets for based entirely on the pictures, like a Burger King cash register, Warner Bros. nevertheless intends to pick a more formal title, presumably for filing purposes. And now Fusible has given the first hint of what those might be, according to domain names the studio has “secretly” registered—any of which could be the actual title, or just another means of keeping people arguing about a movie that won’t be released for another two years.

These include: Man Of Steel: Battle The Knight, Man Of Steel: Beyond Darkness, Man Of Steel: Black Of Knight, Man Of Steel: Darkness Falls, Man Of Steel: Knight Falls, Man Of Steel: Shadow Of The Night, Man Of Steel: The Blackest Hour, and Man Of Steel: The Darkness Within—all suggesting that, at the very least, we can assume the movie will be titled Man Of Steel, followed by some sort of wordplay on nighttime/”knight” time, etc. Beyond that, of course, lies the darkness of uncertainty, and the blackness of just making up more shit that probably won't be it either.

Man Of Steel: Hot Batman Nights. Man Of Steel: Boy Howdy, It’s Dark Out Here—Hey, A Giant Bat!. Man Of Steel: A Knight At The Roxbury. Man Of Steel: Sunday In The Park With Batman, But It’s Nighttime And We’re Both Depressed, etc. [via Coming Soon]

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