(Photo: HBO)

Twitter is currently the most popular place to make a bunch of dumb jokes in the hopes that one sticks. But the Russian video-sharing site Coub is trying to do the same thing with less text and more visuals. The site allows users to make a video loop and add a soundtrack, making it the perfect place for jokes that translate a little better in audio/visual form than they do on the page. For instance, here are eight of the best Coub responses (and one bonus parody) to the epic “Battle Of The Bastards” episode of Game Of Thrones:

First up, there’s an obvious but satisfying mashup of Ramsay Bolton’s gruesome demise and the catchy Baha Men classic “Who Let The Dogs” out. (The short video just repeats on a loop as the song plays.)

And here’s a slightly less obvious riff on the same moment that relies on audio from David Duchovny’s Pedigree commercial:


Even Wun Wun’s tragic death isn’t immune from a darkly comic remix:

And while Game Of Thrones does have real zombies, the shot in which Jon Snow is almost crushed to death during battle is somehow the most Walking Dead-esque moment on the show so far:


Elsewhere, someone made the Dany/Yara sexual subtext into text with the help of a little “Careless Whisper”:

While another observant viewer found similar sexual tension in Jon and Ramsay’s relationship as well:


For the less romantically inclined, here’s Jon and Ramsay’s final fight as a WWE-style brawl:

And, finally, this video loop lets Emilia Clarke (dressed as Dany) sum up the internet’s current feelings on Sansa Stark:


You can find more “Battle Of The Bastards” mashups over on Coub and more Game Of Thrones parodies, well, pretty much everywhere. Like, for instance, this “Play Of The Game” style celebration of Jon Snow’s fighting skills uploaded by the YouTube channel Node:

When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you get drowned in content.