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Here, an anguished nutshot to start your year off right

Liam Livingstone
Photo: Daniel Pockett (Getty Images)

Happy 2020! Australia’s on fire, we’re on the brink of war, and Adderall is trending because our messy president keeps slurring. But, hey, things aren’t so bad. Well, unless you’re U.K. cricket star Liam Livingstone, whose Tuesday consisted of getting repeatedly pelted in the nuts on live television. But his tragedy is our joy, as the incidents were captured both on film and on mic. Finally, something to watch that isn’t the news or The Bachelor.

While the slams themselves are endlessly rewatchable, it’s Livingstone’s anguished cries that truly make these clips keepers. Crank the audio up, prepare for the replay, and respect the giggling commentators’ attempts to assert that it’s not funny, actually.


Reports differ on just how many times Livingstone was nutshot. In one video, the commentators remark that this was the third time, but, in the post-game interview below, Livingstone notes only two hits. “Yeah, the second one was sore. I wouldn’t advise getting hit in the same place twice,” he said, leaving open the possibility that he didn’t even register the rumored third shot amidst what had to be a red haze of thrumming agony.

Yeah,” he continues,they’re a little sore but I’m sure I’ll get over it.” (The use of “they,” we should note, at least indicates that both of his boys survived the assault.)


As a wise man once said, “That’s gotta hurt!”

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