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Henry Winkler joins the cast of Bill Hader’s hitman comedy

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His most iconic role may be far behind him, but Henry Winkler has never strayed too far from TV. The actor has had multiple recurring roles on such popular shows as Childrens Hospital, Parks And Recreation, and of course, Arrested Development, but he’s also tried his hand at directing (Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, the Clueless series) and producing (Unexplained Mysteries, the original MacGyver show). Winkler clearly has a lot of knowledge to share with acting novices, and he’ll soon have a chance to do just that on the small screen again.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor, who’s also busy rigging a young MacGyver series for CBS, has joined the cast of Barry, Bill Hader’s hitman comedy on HBO. The titular Barry heads to the West Coast in search of one of his targets but once there, he can’t deny that the whole killing-for-hire business has begun to lose its luster. So he falls in with the Los Angeles theater scene, presumably channeling any murderous rage into long-winded monologues, where he meets Gene Cousineau, the “inspiring acting teacher” to be played by Winkler. HBO’s already ordered a pilot, which is being co-written by Hader and Silicon Valleys Alec Berg, both of whom will also executive produce.


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