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Henry Rollins will intimidate people who eat exotic animals for Nat Geo Wild

Henry Rollins will put his natural talent for making people feel like assholes to good use as the host of Animal Underworld, a new series for the Nat Geo Wild cable channel that will find him investigating humans and their relationships with exotic animals “from the offbeat and quirky to the potentially illicit,” according to the channel’s senior VP Geoff Daniels, who adds that the point of the show is partly to discourage the latter. So naturally they've hired Rollins, who formerly hosted the Nat Geo special Snake Underworld, in which he discussed his own love for the reptiles while also delving into the snake collections of friends like Slayer’s Kerry King. This new show will find him traveling the country to places like Arizona’s Road Kill Café, where he will talk to people who eat tarantulas and drink “frog smoothies,” then stand there grilling them about it as the veins bulge on his neck, until they feel like total shit about it and agree to stop. [via Paste]


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