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Illustration for article titled Henry Golding in talks for iG.I. Joe/i spinoff iSnake Eyes/i, in which hell play Snake Eyes
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The long-developing G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes has its sights set on a damn good leading man: Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Golding is in talks to headline Paramount’s forthcoming spinoff centering on the eponymous ninja badass, played in the previous live-action films by Ray Park. (Remember those movies? Actually, don’t. Channing Tatum would prefer if you didn’t.) Robert Schwentke (Divergent) is directing the new spinoff, which was scripted by Evan Spiliotopoulos and follows Snake Eyes as he seeks revenge for his father’s death—leading him to join the Arashikage ninja clan, where he effortlessly fits in. It sounds counterintuitive to say, but hopefully the spinoff doesn’t hew too closely to the source material, in which Snake Eyes is a silent ninja assassin who never speaks or removes his helmet. Casting the preternaturally charming (and quite handsome, to be honest) Golding as Snake Eyes is cool and all, but it seems wasteful to never let him speak.


And Golding is having one heck of a day, as this G.I. Joe news comes on the heels of the first trailer for Last Christmas, the upcoming Paul Feig holiday rom-com co-starring Golding and Emilia Clarke. Happy Henry Golding Day, everyone!

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