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Photo: Antony Jones (Getty Images)

Earlier today, we reported that Henry Cavill was most likely done playing Superman in Warner Bros.’ DC superhero movies, meaning we wouldn’t be seeing him and his CG lip for another Justice League or Man Of Steel movie any time soon. Supposedly, Warner Bros. is choosing to focus on a Supergirl movie instead, but there’s been talk of having someone like Michael B. Jordan step up as the next Superman sometime down the line (though that seems more like a “this would be fun” spitball more than anything).

Anyway, Cavill himself has now broken his silence on this whole thing by posting an Instagram video in which he… doesn’t say anything. Alright, so he’s still silent, but he’s definitely trying to convey some message here with this Krypton shirt, Justice League toy, and barking background music.


Honestly, we have no idea what this means, but it’s not like he’s teasing that Warner Bros. is about to Beyoncé-drop a new Man Of Steel movie. Maybe he’s not trying to convey any secret meaning, and he just wanted to do something silly and Superman-related for his Instagram fans? No, that can’t be it. We’re gonna go with the surprise Man Of Steel sequel. Start lining up outside your local theater now, DC fans!

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