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Henchman 21 recaps The Venture Bros. ahead of its return

Illustration for article titled Henchman 21 recaps iThe Venture Bros./i ahead of its return

It was two and a half years between the end of season five and the special “All This And Gargantua-2,” so people are forgiven for any lapses in memories when it comes to The Venture Bros. But with the announcement that the show is returning at the end of January 2016, it’s time to re-familiarize oneself with the exploits of the Venture clan, the Guild Of Calamitous Intent, and the cadre of super science weirdoes and eccentrics that populate that universe.


The creators of The Venture Bros., Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, have decided to help out viewers with a recap of prior events as presented by everyone’s favorite lackey, Henchman 21. It’s helpful to remind people what has occurred previously in its usual, comic fashion and definitely gets fans revved up for the new season. And while the world may have lost David Bowie, solace can be taken in the fact that he was never truly The Sovereign, but lives on in that weird universe so many have come to love.

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