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Help us pick this year's Undercover songs

Yes, it's that time again—that time when the songs are in front of us, all innocent and unknown. What will they be, and who will cover them? At this time last year, we couldn't possibly have guessed that GWAR would end up covering "Carry On Wayward Son," or that Young The Giant would do such delightful things with "Ignition (Remix)." But those things happened, and lo, they were good. For 2013, we've moved out of the round room—the whole company moved down the block—so we'll have a delightful new space for bands to play in. Below you'll find a multiple-choice form that we will use to determine 12 of the 25 songs. The rest will be chosen at our whim, though we are accepting suggestions via Facebook, right here. (And those will be taken seriously, so please fire away.) Voting is now over. The first video will appear, if all goes well, on March 19, and continue well into the fall, with a Summer Break series once again.


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