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Help preserve the future of TV (or something) by bidding on a Community set visit

Hoping to "preserve the medium of television" that is, apparently, in danger of disappearing without you giving it more of your money, the Academy of Television Arts And Sciences Foundation has launched an auction aimed at raising charitable donations—though fittingly for TV, these are the sorts of charitable donations that provide self-serving instant gratification, such as a visit to the set of Community. The Academy has offered up a variety of TV-related prizes—ranging from a signed Stetson from Dallas star Larry Hagman to the somewhat less intriguing promise of lunch with Leverage star Aldis Hodge (who we've heard only eats live sardines and also is on Leverage)—all aimed at raising money for its efforts to provide resources to blah blah blah, when are we gonna get to the Community factory?

Only after you best the current high bid for a behind-the-scenes tour of the set—a tour that, it should be noted, does not explicitly promise that you will meet any of the actors, and specifically requires a background check that could eliminate a large proportion of Alison Brie obsessives. On the other hand, those who pass the test will receive a cast-signed script and, of course, you'll be helping to preserve the future of television by celebrating a show it's seemingly always trying to get rid of. Plus, "snacks may be provided." Mmm, possible snacks! [via Collider]


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