Love charity but hate selflessness? CharityBuzz is currently looking for people who enjoy giving of themselves but also like getting things in return—specifically, walk-on roles on TV shows like Mad Men, Community, The Good Wife, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The bidding is currently open for anyone who wants to make a brief appearance in any of those A.V. Club favorite series and also benefit charities such as the Children’s Action Network and the ACLU, whatever, when do we get to meet Alison Brie? Of course, all of these come with the caveat that your scene may not actually make it to air, a strong possibility that the producers of Community, at least, hope to alleviate by setting up a full cast meet-and-greet and offering winners a prize package that includes a signed script and poster and “an amazing leather and wool Community jacket that only the cast and crew have.” “How did you get that amazing Community jacket, which appears to be made out of genuine leather and wool?” your friends will ask, and you will answer, “By helping people” in a tone of voice that conveys how much better you are than them. One more word of warning: If you’re a dude vying for a role on Mad Men, keep in mind that “men with long hair must be willing to cut their hair—and must be willing to shave facial hair if asked to.” But of course, that’s a small price to pay for becoming part of pop culture, and also charity or something.