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Helms Alee makes doom-metal accessible on “Untoxicated”

Helms Alee (Photo: James Rexroad)

Across its three previous albums, Washington trio Helms Alee has shown little regard for sticking to any of metal’s sub-genres. For Stillicide—coming September 2 on Sargent House—the band once again refuses to go in any single direction, allowing its songs to feel avant-garde while still working within a form. The A.V. Club is premiering “Untoxicated” below, which sees Helms Alee come right out the gate with a massive doom-metal riff that seems to expand and contract at will. Each member of Helms Alee is known to step up to the mic, and “Untoxicated” shows them joining in on a melodic hook that makes the pulverizing song feel accessible.

Stillicide is available for pre-order now, and Helms Alee will be on tour starting August 3, supporting the Melvins and Russian Circles respectively.


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