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While The Weinstein Company continues to try to get its hooks into a Hellraiser remake, feeding it the organs of other watered-down-for-PG-13 reboots and tearing away Patrick Lussier-shaped chunks of flesh as the Clive Barker series struggles toward rebirth, the newly founded Sonar Entertainment is making plans to cram it inside an even more twisted puzzle box by turning it into a TV show. Variety dropped the news in this otherwise-boilerplate article about the rebranding of RHI, which you should only read if your particular sadomasochistic kink involves hearing CEOs talk about growth strategies, you sick bastard. But buried deep inside that twisted mass of deliciously writhing corporate buzz-words is the revelation that Sonar is looking to bring Pinhead and all of his Cenobite pals to the small screen, following them weekly as they roam this mortal coil seeking new human slaves with whom they can traverse that thin line between pain and carnal pleasure. So, an underworld version of Taxi, basically. [via Dread Central]


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