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Hello/goodbye: This fall on Fox

Hey, do you like cultishly adored TV show creators? Well, you'll want to be watching Fox next season, which is premiering new shows by both J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon. Hollywood Reporter has the details, including this quote from Fox entertainment chairman Peter Liguori, "Broadcast television needs a jolt."

Strong words. But will Abrams' paranormal-themed Fringe and Whedon's Dollhouse provide the voltage to back it up? Fringe is first out of the gate, joining the sitcom Do Not Disturb (starring the hard-working Jerry O'Connell) as the network's only new show to debut this fall. Dollhouse will premiere at mid-season, where it will be joined by the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show and Sit Down, Shut Up, a new show from Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz. (Is there an online exclamation stronger than "Yay!"?)

And, oh yeah, there will also be a new reality show called Secret Millionaire, which, presumably, is about a secret millionaire of some kind.


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