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Hello/goodbye: Fall TV schedules take shape

News is starting to leak out from official and unofficial channels about next year's fall TV schedule. (As usual, Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood column has done an excellent job serving as a first responder for the news.) Here's a summary of how things stand now.


ABC held its big upfronts presentation today unveiling a fall schedule full of shows you saw last year. (No, not Cavemen.) Apart from the David E. Kelley-produced version of the BBC hit Life On Mars (in which a cop wakes up in the wrong decade and has to figure out what he's doing there), most the action hits at mid-season, which sees the addition of Scrubs (making the move from NBC), an untitled Tyra Banks/Ashton Kutcher reality show project (at last!), some game show called Opportunity Knocks, The Goode Family a Mike Judge animated series.


NBC announced its fall schedule a few weeks ago, using upfronts week to confirm Jimmy Fallon as the new host of Late Night. For those who missed it, major additions include a Christian Slater series called My Own Worst Enemy, (readers, I'll let you make the jokes), Molly Shannon and Selma Blair in a remake of an Australian comedy called Kath And Kim, Knight Rider (seriously), a mystery-shrouded Office spin-off (maybe Toby in Costa Rica?), and Crusoe, which finally brings Daniel Defoe to prime time.


CBS unveils its schedule tomorrow. Here's the early word on what's dead and what's living.




Still living:

How I Met Your Mother (which will make a few of us around here happy)

The New Adventures Of Old Christine

The Unit

Probable pick-ups:

Worst Week

Project Gary (a.k.a. Jay Mohr gets yet another chance and probably departs Ghost Whisperer purgatory)

The Mentalist (can't be as good as its title)

11th Hour (from Bruckheimer)

Harpers Island (from National Treasure mastermind Jon Turtletaub)

The CW:

The CW's big announcements come later this afternoon. But Reaper's coming back and 90210 will debut in the fall with Jennie Garth and (maybe) Tori Spelling on board from the old show. Also look for something called How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls.


Fox holds out until Thursday, but it looks like Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is a go. (It doesn't matter what that one's about. I'm there.) Also the liked-by-some sitcom Back To You has been canceled but has a shot at CBS.

More as the news breaks.

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