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Hello/goodbye: CBS' fall schedule

Turns out the rumors were true. CBS put a stake in Moonlight (though the CW may choose to pull it out) but granted reprieves to The New Adventures Of Old Christine and How I Met Your Mother. (Yay for that last one but please, please, no more Britney Spears. The ratings aren't worth it.)

Joining the CBS family this fall: A single-camera sitcom called Worst Week and something called Project Gary, an ongoing look at attempts to revitalize Gary, Indiana. Or some kind of sitcom about a guy named Gary played by Jay Mohr. Reports vary.

That does it for the "laffers" to borrow from the Variety article. On the drama front CBS has "yes" to The Mentalist (starring Simon Baker, late of The Guardian), The Eleventh Hour (Jerry Bruckheimer + disturbing scientific experiments), and The Ex List (a woman is told that she's already met the man she'll marry so she starts re-dating her old boyfriends, like an hour-long dramatic reverse of How I Met Your Mother). At mid-season expect Harper's Island, which sounds like Nim's Island, only scarier.

Also, The Ghost Whisperer: Totally, totally back.


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