A flood of great suggestions washed over The A.V. Club when we asked you, dear readers, to help us pick the 12th and final city for Pop Pilgrims. Before that flood, I don't think Cleveland was really even in our minds, despite the protestations of Chicago A.V. Club editor and Cleveland booster Marah Eakin. So next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, be on the lookout for three locations in the city that Wikipedia tells me is known as "C-Town," "The Sixth City," "The Forest City," and "The Rock 'N' Roll Capital Of The World." (No, we will not be visiting the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.) Oh, Marah says it's also sometimes called "The Mistake On The Lake." And thanks for watching all the Pop Pilgrims with us over the last three months. It's been fun, and perhaps we'll do it again someday.