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Hellboy can finally say bad words now that his new movie has an R-rating

Screenshot: YouTube

Despite the name and the basic premise (demon baby grows up as a good guy who kills demons and monsters), Hellboy has never really been about violence or adult situations. Still, director Neil Marshall has committed to making his new Hellboy movie reboot “more violent and more bloody” than Guillermo del Toro’s two movies, and he previously noted that he made it with an R-rating in mind. Now, as reported by Dread Central, Marshall has received that R-rating he so sinfully coveted, ensuring that David Harbour’s eponymous boy from hell will finally be able to say all the bad words he wants while killing bad guys as gruesomely as possible. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see Hellboy naked? That seems like something people would want. At the very least, he can say “that fucking monkey’s got a gun” instead of doing it the PG-13 way.

A new Hellboy trailer is expected to drop at some point soon, which means we should get to see some more of this R-rated content in action. (They’d probably save nude Hellboy for the full film, though.) Hellboy will be in theaters on April 12.


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