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Hell yes, we want the recipe for Harley Quinn's glorious Birds Of Prey egg sandwich

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Few foods in recent memory have been as cinematically fetishized as Harley Quinn’s egg sandwich, a simple concoction of egg, cheese, and bacon that somehow serves as the most important MacGuffin of Warner Bros.’ recent Birds Of Prey—way more than any big ol’ fancy diamond, anyway. Indeed, Cathy Yan’s camera pretty much positions this simple, fat-soaked concoction as Margo Robbie’s true love interest in the film—and then shoots it in such loving and lurid detail that it’s hard for members of the audience not to covet one of their own.

Now that dream—that is, of having eggs, bread, cheese, and bacon stacked in an edible configuration—is within reach for home chefs at last. Variety did the lord’s work this week by recruiting actor Bruno Oliver—who plays sandwich-slinger Sal, angel of breakfast, in the movie—to teach us all how to find our own true breakfast-y love. (And also to remind people that Birds Of Prey is now available for home streaming.)

And sure, the actual tutorial is not especially complex—this isn’t some gourmet thing with, like, pesto on it or anything. But we would be lying if we said our stomachs didn’t start growling as Oliver laid the American cheese slices over the gently frying eggs, or brushed butter onto the sensuously toasting bread. Resources are obviously tight for everybody right now, but it’s hard to resist the urge to get up and go secure a loaf of ciabatta immediately (because all the little holes suck up the egg and butter, you see) and fantabulously emancipate ourselves from this sudden grumbling in our tums.

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