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Hell yeah, let’s watch a bunch of wasps fly into a death machine

Ridanos Protectors's "Wasp Killing Machine" (Screenshot: YouTube)

Look, you work hard, you bust your hump all day, and you’re exhausted. It’s probably the end of the day, maybe the end of a long work week. Hell, maybe you’re getting ready to head into a night shift or something. It’s a great time to watch a bunch of dipshit wasps fly into a jerry-rigged death machine.

YouTube user Ridanos Protectors had the problem of a bunch of wasps getting into his house, and so he did what any god-fearing homeowner would do. He attached a wire to a motor and then attached that to a pole and then he leaned that engine of slaughter up in front of his window so as to efficiently kill wasps by the hundreds. Every tiny, almost ASMR-level plunk! is the sound of another wasp getting smacked with the wire. Hell yeah, here’s six minutes of that shit:

Here is what appears to be an even more professionally built “wasp killing machine”—its inventor’s name for it, not mine—doing its dirty work.

Take a load off and watch these suckers die, friend. You’ve earned it.

[via Boing Boing]


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