"The Tale Of Kitty-In-Boots" by Beatrix Potter (Illustration: Quentin Blake)

Two years ago, a publisher at Penguin Random House stumbled across an out-of-print tome of literary history from the 1970s. In it was an unedited manuscript of Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale Of Kitty-In-Boots,” a story about “a well-behaved prime black kitty cat, who leads rather a double life.” The book is available now available in hardcover, but Penguin Random House Audio gets that Beatrix Potter is intrinsically English, and that children’s stories meant to be read aloud are much more effective when read by a well-spoken English person. Thus, Helen Mirren narrates the audiobook version, which is every bit as charming as it sounds. Watch the trailer below, then listen to the exclusive audio clip, which picks up where the trailer leaves off.


The audiobook is available for purchase from Audible.