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Helen Mirren might join the cast of Disney’s The Nutcracker

Helen Mirren seems like one of those people who spends her holidays in St. Bart’s, drinking Mai Tais and receiving shoulder massages from muscular men and not giving a shit that it’s Christmas. But she’s also one of our finest living actresses, which is why, should she decide to do so, she’s perfectly capable of pretending to enjoy snowflakes and jingle bells in Disney’s upcoming live-action movie version of The Nutcracker.

Variety doesn’t say which part Mirren is up for in the film, simply that she’s in talks right now and that, should she take the part, she’ll be starring alongside Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman, and ballerina Misty Copeland, all of whom presumably enjoy fruity, rum-based cocktails and exotic tropical locales. (Well, maybe not Copeland. Keeping a ballet body is hard.) 15-year-old Mackenzie Foy will play Clara; Foy’s been a working model and actress since the age of four, meaning she probably hasn’t had much downtime in which to acquire a taste for the finer things in life. A few hours with Helen Mirren should fix that.


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