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You couldn’t ask for a better party role model than Martha Stewart, either as host or guest. Who else would likely bring her own artisanal homemade granola as a hostess gift? Or probably have an elaborate fondue station set up at her home with color-coded dippers? So we read with interest Stewart’s partying tips that she dropped to Uproxx recently, what with the multitude of Super Bowl parties coming up this Sunday. Stewart will also have her own Super Bowl commercial airing that night, along with her frequent companion Snoop Dogg, as the pair push new Tostitos strips with avocado salsa in a campaign titled “Good Apart. Better Together.”

Before her commercial airs this Sunday, Stewart sat down with Uproxx to discuss her long partnership with Snoop, the new Tostitos project, and most importantly, her own Super Bowl party rules. For example, “Don’t serve fancy dessert,” she cautions. “You have to keep people’s energy going, so I think savory foods are better for the Super Bowl than sweet.” She suggests, “There’s barbecue, all sorts of things you could do, but basically, savory is a big hit.”


Starchier foods also help soak up all those hours of drinking while watching the big game, which brings us to Martha’s next tip. “I think you probably have to have a really good drink, maybe a signature drink/cocktail that will keep people coming back for more.”

Martha Stewart won’t get a chance to implement these tips at her own Super Bowl party, however. She’s looking forward to meeting up with her friend Snoop in Florida. “He’s gonna be down there, and I’m certainly going to be there. I go every year… I go to the game, and I go to the parties.” Here’s hoping none of these lesser hosts pull out a fancy dessert, and that they have a signature cocktail on tap for the reigning domestic expert.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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