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Heather Matarazzo, Joel McHale, and Felicia Day to star in indie drama Stuck

(Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

Deadline is reporting that Heather Matarazzo will be offering up a new take on the old “medical professional who doesn’t play by your rules, man,” genre of films, with the Welcome To The Dollhouse star signing on to play a maverick ER nurse in Stuck. After a run-in with the law, Matarazzo’s character ends up in the most hellish possible form of house arrest, locked in her house with her ex-boyfriend and his new fiance.

Stuck is being directed by Fresh Off The Boat actress Jillian Armenante, and will feature performances from a number of well-credentialed TV performers, including Felicia Day, Joel McHale, and Kate Flannery, a.k.a. Meredith from The Office. Meanwhile, Matarazzo has had a healthy career of her own over the last few years, including performances in Tina Fey’s Sisters and the upcoming indie drama Girl Flu.


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