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Heather Graham will help bring a sense of narrative closure to The Hangover Part III, as this is important

Though she found herself essentially replaced by a transsexual prostitute in the last Hangover outing, Heather Graham is set to return for the third and promised final Hangover film, because of integrity and story structure and stuff. Variety reports that Graham has signed on to reprise her role as the effervescent, sensitive stripper Jade who marries Ed Helms and is then all, like, "Oh, just leave me to my life of stripping if you're having second thoughts, I am very understanding," joining other returning, secondary players such as Mike Epps and Ken Jeong. Presumably, Graham's presence will similarly help bring a sense of narrative closure to what Phillips has called his "three-part opera"—a term that hopefully suggests every character, from Mike Tyson to the now-toddler-aged stolen baby, will return to take their bow, right before everyone dies.

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