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Heart-pounding video of a dying drone rescue proves everything is better with Enya

This photo doesn’t have anything to do with the video, it just feels very “Pure Moods” to us.
Photo: Mimi Saputra/SOPA Images (Getty Images)

It’s a simple fact: No one is immune to the Orinoco flow, not even the fading batteries of a disastrously dying drone. Hence the delight with which Twitter greeted the below video this morning, showing drone operator Dave Svorking swimming into a pretty gross-looking lake to save his battery-starved device, while the pulsing beat of Enya’s “Only Time” ticked down the moments until it hits a watery grave.


Svorking’s video was actually uploaded to YouTube last year, but the addition of the Enya tune—the perfect accompaniment to any race-against-the-clock scenario, obviously—was new. (Past efforts to soundtrack the moment have included the addition of the obviously inferior “My Heart Will Go On.”) “Last-second drone rescues” are a weirdly popular form of online entertainment, combining cinematic vistas, a harrowing time limit, and the very human feeling of watching someone scramble to save an expensive object from destruction caused by their own lack of foresight. (As someone who has to walk, every single day, past a 100-foot-tall tree that’s had one of his drones lodged in its upper branches for the last year, your humble Newswire writer can relate.) This isn’t even the first time the Irish songstress’ talents have been called upon to soundtrack one such video; scope out this video from 2015, of operator Ryan Chatfield racing to save his own camera-mounted flyer to a remix of the aforementioned “Orinoco Flow.”

Now, folks online—being folks online—have raised some questions about the veracity of Svorking’s clip, mostly on account of how perfectly he ends up framed in the middle of the shot. (To be fair, we by definition never see the videos where this kind of rescue doesn’t go well.) To which we say: Well, maybe? But worrying about something like that—especially when it’s such a cool shot, regardless—feels very out of the Pure Moods spirit.

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