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Margaret Keane’s paintings of doe-eyed children are basically the spookiest things ever, so it makes perfect sense that a biopic about her is being directed by Tim Burton. It also makes a similar amount of sense that Lana Del Rey recorded two new songs for the film, including its de facto theme, because she’s pretty spooky herself. She may not have the terrifying Jaws eyes of a child in a Keane painting, but her songs do tend to evoke a weird sense of detachment from the universe. Maybe we’re reading too much in to this? Either way, Lana Del Rey recorded two songs for Big Eyes, and they’re both super upbeat and danceable. Wait, no, they’re super operatic and whatever the opposite of danceable is, because they’re Lana Del Rey songs.


According to Rolling Stone, the track “Big Eyes” will play at some point in the middle of the movie, and the other, “I Can Fly,” will play during the end credits. You can hear both of them below, but we’re just going to get out of here as fast as we can so we don’t have to keep looking at these terrifying children.

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