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Hear the remastered version of John Vanderslice’s Mass Suicide Occult Figurines

Though he’s released 10 albums under his name, John Vanderslice may still be best known for his work at his recording studio, Tiny Telephone. There he’s recorded the likes of The Mountain Goats and Spoon, linking him to some of indie-rock’s heaviest hitters while still offering up plenty of his own material. In 2000 he was just getting his bearings as a solo artist after the break-up of his band MK Ultra and released the album Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, which started a creative hot streak for Vanderslice. 15 years on the album is making its way to vinyl for the first time, featuring a remastered version of the record—courtesy of Shellac’s Bob Weston—that punches up the album’s already lively compositions. Below, The A.V. Club is streaming all of this remastered version ahead of its release on May 19.

Pre-orders for the vinyl version are available now, with the deluxe edition of the album coming packaged with a limited edition 7-inch flexi disc that contains a new song, “Midnight Blue,” as well as a cover of Songs: Ohia’s “Long Dark Blues,” a tribute to the late Jason Molina.

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