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Hear the Muppets sing in Sesame Street’s Les Misérables parody

Having previously tackled The Hunger Games, Lord Of The Rings, Boardwalk Empire, and Homeland, Sesame Street is back with another pop culture parody, one that’s sure to delight musical theater fans. “Les Mousserables” imparts a lesson on understanding emotions while sending-up the beloved musical (and less-beloved 2013 film), Les Misérables. Cookie Monster stars as Jean Bon-Bon, a sad French guy who discovers a stash of cookies and can’t figure out why his friends are less than ecstatic about his selfish behavior. Despite slightly changing the melodies for copyright purposes, there were clearly some Les Miz fans behind this one. (“Who Me Am?” is a particular highlight.) And presumably Flantine (Fantine), Creamette (Cosette), and Angelfood (Enjolras) sang live on set to really capture the emotion of “One Day S’More.”

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