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Hear "Make It Known" from Foxygen's debut EP, Take The Kids Off Broadway, out July 24 on Jagjaguwar

One of the more interesting debut releases of the year is Take The Kids Off Broadway, the first EP by bi-coastal rock duo Foxygen. The record (the first of two planned Foxygen releases this year) was created by Sam France and Jonathan Rado, two 22-year-old classic-rock fans who have tried to cram references to every single song they have ever loved into Broadway's seven mind-bending tracks. The best way to describe the album is to imagine playing three different radio stations at the same time—Broadway is simultaneously catchy and obscure, carefully composed and freewheeling, confusing and thrilling, like pop music with a free-jazz sensibility. Check out one of Broadway's more straightforward tracks, "Make It Known," via this exclusive A.V. Club stream below. Take The Kids Off Broadway will be released by Jagjaguwar on July 24.


Foxygen "Make It Known" by Jagjaguwar

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